Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Tonight I just created a Dorama (drama) with my own both hands & 10 fingers.
There is a well known guy proclaim himself as "Hentai Maou" from KL once attending a Penang cosplay event 2 months ago and recently he keep finding chance to come Penang Island.

Few weeks ago, I discover that he had bad reputation in KL cosplay circle which rise my alert of him until I found out his true motivation is to looking for "Victims" to fullfill his desire.

I still remember I accidentally stop him from coming over to bring 1 of my female friend to KL working because of Father's Day, until now I feel relief for that did not happen, somehow he took the chance of Bon Odori come over looking for his "pray", somehow seems like he failed to do so.

During MITF event day 1, this guy meet a lady who I meet her last 2 weeks. Right now he is targetting her as his "pray".
I did not know about this until I saw the picture of HIM in her room, I cannot let this happen although "Mind your own business" this sentences keep floating in my mind.

Back to topic, yes this dorama does not long as you expect, because I dont wanna say more else I get myself wrong more, I left this all the ladies who have been approached by him before to be the witness of what had he did.

Since I cant depends on Facebook photo album to upload high quality picture instead I upload them here.

Officially declare the flame war on him though MSN.

Everything been restricted to me.

He said did not block me, but he ALREADY restricted me from view his wall, reply comments and view his photo album, perhaps he afraid I'm take picture & post it here, why did he afraid of if he is innocent.

Replies on Facebook

This guy saying I'm barking too much,
since when I mention his name ?
Somehow he uncover himself.
(refer the last picture in msn section)

Alright ladies, if you have been approached by this guy, what he told & did just say it out here, let everyone know this SHAMELESS BEAST.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

Ladies & gentlemen, did you miss the awesome Bon Odori because of raining yesterday ?

This year
Bon Odori is a little bit different then last year, less tables on the roadside & some tables on the left hand side of the field of Esplanade also as usual food stalls, water balls stall, gold fish stall, merchadise stall and the Bake House (Haunter House) been setup this year too.

As usual, my 2 main reason of attending
Bon Odori is for photoshooting. The attraction of the Japanese ladies wearing the beautiful Yukata / Kimono and the Fireworks, but this year I have a secondly reason as well which is hanging out with some new friends.

Early of the afternoon I off to
Esplanade after I had my lunch, reason for going such early is on a "Recon mission". Recon for what ? Of course is the Fireworks container. (xD)
This year I did not found any fireworks outside the wall of Fort Cornwallis, I was expecting it was outside the Fort, but I'm not sitting around, so I pay for a ticket to enter the Fort to recon around.

-Inside Fort Cornwallis-
I start looking around the Fort, it seems like some event just ended inside the Fort, it was a messy around, but I continue look for the Fireworks container.

Oh look what I found
(Fireworks container)

I had found the Fireworks container, mission completed, but is still early for Bon Odori to start, so I lurk around the Fort and found something which is NOT SUPPOSE to be inside the Fort.

-Return to the Esplanade field-
I look around some of the usual stall & take some pictures of it.
First the Bake House

Baka House presented by
St. Georges' Girl's School & Pink Hibiscus Club

As the banner show, is all Females as Ghost & Zombies, no wonder every year the Bake House full with customers to visit.

Next the Water Ball & Gold Fish stall.

Those people are working hard on preparing the Water Balls.

Next the merchandise stall.
as usual the most popular goods in the stall will be the status of ... the Geisha ... I presume. (^^;;)

I spending around 2 hours walking around until 4pm+ only begin "The Photo Hunting" mission.
I have meet up with some friends as well as DC.com fellow Comrade Yunamon too. (xD)
Those photos of Bon Odori can be found here.
Bon Odori 2010 Gallery

Enjoy everyone. (xD)
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

GACC 2010 @ Melaka MMU

Alright ladies & gentlemen, sorry for the late & here finally comes my slowpoking update of GACC since I just back to my hometown yesterday & feel very tire after the 3 nights 4 days trip on KL & Melaka.

GACC 2010 Day 1
Wake up on 4am, get ready to fetch by sakura @ Putrajaya, head all along the way to Wangsa Maju to fetch another friend Yan Yan & head all along the way to Subang Jaya meet up with zealotan which is around 7am+.

Breakfast @ McD & wait for the remaining members from The Figure Mall / Little Akiba
arrive then heading to Summit USJ fetch another friend Elfenrir then moving out to Melaka
... ... ...

We have arrived @ Melaka MMU, surprised that the Opening Day & GACC was on the same day which is the Hall which used to be for GACC been took over for the Opening Day & GACC
have to relocated to some sort of Labs

We unload the doujin booth stuffs heading to the Labs & asked for where is the booth. Another surprised they give to us which is -Schedule not available, first come first serve, pick any empty tables for the doujin booth.

Standby Ready ... Setup

Yukkuri booth
Lowyat.net (LYN) AnimeShrine (/as/)

Little Akiba booth
sister company of
The Figure Mall

and more more more

Around 11:05am (time according picture taken) here begins GACC Day 1 officially.

Little Akiba booth @ the corner of the entrance
already full with visitors surround.

Gaming section

The MCs in front the stage

Hisashi Glay: Come on let's make some noise
woohoo ~~

Weiss Schwarz (WS) begins as soon as the clock strike on 1130am.
5 buddies from Little Akiba has ready for the "battle", they were ...






The rest of the time I'm running around for cosplayers until end of GACC Day 1.
*please checkout the links end of this post for those cosplayers who I have taken their photos*

GACC Day 2
Wake up on 7am, have some cookies as breakfast, get ready & wait for the others then going to MMU to setup the booth again @ the Hall instead of the small Labs anymore.

Yukkuri booth has once again setup @ a new place as well as Little Akiba booth setup just next room behind of Yukkuri booth.

Suddenly there is a group of Judgments setup their booth of Arms Dealer beside Yukkuri
booth. Actually this booth is Fake, they're part of the members from Lowyat.net (LYN) AnimeShrine (/as/) as well. (xD)

Judgments Dealer: Those are Arms of Peaces.

Some visitors try the arms
Even the MCs were introduce about us. (xD)

M4 mounted on Tripod as well as gas mask were equipped.

Judgments Dealer: Eindringling !! (Intruder!!)

Most of the time I was trolling with them from inside >> outside >> inside again until afternoon I started to photoshooting around again.

Cosplay Competition
3 judges of the cosplay competition.

*please checkout the links end of this post for those cosplayers who I have taken their photos*

While the cosplay competition ends while waiting for the result, I going to troll around with those
Judgments again. I found a cute cosplayer dress up as maid "sneak" behind her & "capture" her. (xP)

The rest of the Judgments has join in. (lol)

"We're the Piece Keeper, Judgment desu no"

After the announcing of the winner of Cosplay competition, Drawing competition & Gaming competition, here started the usual dance before the end, in the min while we're packing out stuffs & preparing to heading back to KL.

... ... ...
End of GACC 2010

p/s: while we're having dinner at the middle of way back to KL, we got sms from friend who have leave ahead of us that from Sunawang until Nilai having long traffic jam, which delay our estimate time back to KL.

Photos of GACC
Facebook (if require friends approve to view this album, please do let me know)
Cosplayers GACC 2010 @ Multiply

You may request for my check up if there is more then 5 photos (excluding those blur photos) of your cosplay I can burn them up in a CD & post them to you, just email me your name (real or nickname) & reachable address to yuzuki_pg@hotmail.com

Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)