Monday, December 21, 2009

Comic Fiesta 2009

Is been long while since I last update my blog also sorry for those who waiting for what's happen during Comic Fiesta since I just return to Penang and started to blog them as I arrange my photos & upload them.

Well well now is not the time to "sembang" here why dont we going to
Comic Fiesta 2009 ? xD

Let's begin from preparation.

Friday Night
Friday night stay back at
Sunway Convention Center after entire shops closed, freezing outside the convention hall just to waiting for The Figure Mall & Little Akiba's members arrive for preparation.

LilKeV84 - the Taugeh (boss) & the boxes tower
which is higher then the booth

Saturday Midnight
When is around 2am, the members has arrived & we begin to do the preparation in the hall before the Contributors of The Figure Mall arrive at the morning. Our preparation been use up almost 6 hours which we finish around 8am+ then we head to The Figure Mall HQ for a short break, after that we're heading for breakfast then back to the Convention Center's hall.

The Figure Mall & Little Akiba already finish fully preparation, let's have a look. :D

Photo credits to eetan

Saturday, Comic Fiesta Day 1
Wearing contact lens at the toilet, heading back to The Figure Mall / Little Akiba's booth, put up my gears, pick up the SubMachineGun & Camera, heading to "look" for my entrance tickets. lol

After getting my tickets, meet up with eetan who tag along with me most of the places.

Heil eetan !! xD

We start to walk around the hall & try to take some photos before I become the target of been photoshoot. lol

*Cosplayers which I have taken their photos please kindly visit the link end of this blog to get your high resolution picture thanks* (:3)

I meet up linkinstreet, blogger of wakarimasenlol which I follow him until I meet up with the
/as/ (Anime Shrine) members from LYN (, which start from there I have 90% totally forgot about photoshooting & follow them "patrol" around entire Convention Center from outside the hall >> into the hall & outside the hall again. (x_x)

Some of the action we have "perform" inside & outside the hall.
Inside the hall

We're "patrol" entire hall with our weapons, pass the doujin booth, everyone were looking on us like we're going to rob them. lol
*Hold Your Weapons High*

Giving command

Ops drop a grenade on the floor
but lucky the safely pin still intact.

Photo credits to Porkchop@Kelvin
Outside the hall

Public execution?

Surrender saja lah

Zombie Nurse spotted

Yahya in FPS (First Person Shooter) mode

Everyone prepare to fire

Sieg Heil !!

We drag the poor & confuse cosplayer
who no idea what we are doing. xD

Photo credits to eetan &

Basically we "patrol" around until end of Day 1. lol

Before I end the
Comic Fiesta Day 1, I heard news that there is police officer (is real not cosplay) enter the hall. I was thought they're looking for us who carry dangerous firearms around but they looking for a booth which selling replica swords.

Photo credits to Solomon Freeman

Sunday, Comic Fiesta Day 2
Cosplaying Sekirei's Homura on Day 2, does not seems like a lots of ppl know about this character, oh well ... going on next.

First person I meet was ... "
Danny Choo" sitting near The Figure Mall / Little Akiba's booth. :D

"Danny Choo" from Danny Clone laboratory :D

Then I lurk around to the usual place, the NOIDEA booth, which currently unavailable yet coz the booth owner will be arrive a little bit late, so I head to Yukkuri booth just few tables away meet up with "en" Cik sakura pass her the Noumi plushie she made for me to display again and those "russian + taliban conscripts". lol

Again we lurk around inside & outside the hall until we receive the news that "Hero of the day" has arrived outside the hall. What's that "Hero" ? Very soon the answer will reveal, be sure to prepare yourself before you get your eyes pain & your mind reap. :D

I present to you the "Hero of the day" -

The 4 gunners image credit to

oh there is a person cant wait to dance with "her"

lolwut yahya pun tak tahan ...
nice punggung yahya xD

After yahya done the "mess" with guest18, he gather the comrade to lurk around while I walk alone.

While I walking back to the hall, I spotted Senjougahara (from Bakemonogatari) which I not going to miss the chance of taking her pictures.

It appear that she is the lady I meet her few months ago & yes she is
Deru, the cosplayer of Shana during Daicon. :D

Also I spotted
Black Rock Shooter with her extream huge cannon.

Look out she gonna shoot !!

Once again I meet up with "Danny Choo" with his Storm Trooper armor on.

Next some of the photographers (including me) "kidnap"
Deru for a few photoshoot of her Senjougahara cosplay. I request her to made a poss which similar to the follow image.
I end up been stapler. xD
Credit to
setsuna for help me take this photo

Check out the link end of this blog for more
While I taking a rest on photoshooting, I saw Chris on the floor below, decide to greeting to him & take a photo. :D
Hi Chris :D

Finish the photoshoot of Senjougahara, going back to the place where the "russian + taliban conscripts" use to gather, saw them "sleeping" quite piecefully. lol
And then here comes
Oyaji - warrior of the Rising Sun, which he been "ambush" by the sleeping "russian + taliban conscripts" & guest18. xD
guest18: mucks ~~
Oyaji: yucks
*conversation created*

Then everyone turn back on guest18 pula by pointing their guns on him & then throw off their guns & make the poss of Moe Moe Kyun.

Well then, after this I have stay at NOIDEA's booth playing Phantasy Star Zero help Aster to level up her character. xD

Around evening, lurk around, watch cosplay competition, singing ... etc until the end of Comic Fiesta. Guess who I meet ? Is the super bijin PC Gamer Editor - Alicia "Aoitenshii" Mak. xD

Forget to mention, today (2oth) is the Senjougahara cosplayer - Deru's birthday. :D
Happy Birthday Deru. :D

Until here the curtain of Comic Fiesta 2009 lowing down.

Cosplayers photos of Comic Fiesta 2009 can be found here.
Comic Fiesta 2009

You may request for my check up if there is more then 5 photos (excluding those blur photos) of your cosplay I can burn them up in a CD & post them to you, just email me your name (real name or nickname) & house address to

I'm quite enjoy for both days of Comic Fiesta especially Day 1 with those /as/ members lurking around entire Convention Center, next year we're will be comming back again for sure. xD
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)