Saturday, January 31, 2009

Chinese New Year Visiting

Yesterday afternoon we (Me, Andy, Edmund & Darton) going to each of our house to pay visit. Everyone has agree to made Andy's house as the "Centre" which is the 1st person's house to visit.

Me and
Darton arrived first, then following by Edmund.
We greeting to parents of
Andy, and we recieve our 1st red packet. (Not included Andy (xD))
We're having games with cards, but we're not gambling. We're playing ... eh ...
Old Maids ?
Well I have learn a new card game. (x3)

Around 1 & 1/2 hour later, before we're leaving we having group photo at
Andy's house guest room.

Next location, we're going to
Darton's house.
We enter
Darton's house, his mom is waiting for our arrival, we greet to her too & recieve our 2nd red packet. (Not included Darton (xD))
We're having games with cards too, same as before we're not gambling but we're playing
Old Maids again.
While we're playing game, I were having some cookies & encounter a strange shape cookies which is looks like a Sycee.

Same as before, we stay around 1 & 1/2 hour and before we're going, we're having 2nd group photos at
Darton's house too.

Next location, we're going return to my house.
Home Sweet Home, I have back to where I belongs to. (x3)
Dad was outside at the garden watering the plants & when he saw us have return, he open the gate for us.

Andy & others greeting to my dad and enter my house. I left all the gears (lappy, camera & tripod) on the floor & going to the kitchen prepare some delicious cookies for Andy & others. As soon as my dad come into the house, he give Andy & others the 3rd red packet. (Not included me, au au~~)
This time we're were not playing any card games, but everyone is leeching my WiFi network to kill the time. (Not included
Edmund who did not bring his lappy (Laptop) around.)

We stay until nearly 6pm and we're having 3nd group photos at my house garden.

Follow from the left =
Darton, Andy, me & Edmund.

After finish taking the photos, we're packing up our stuffs & I tell mom about I'm not having dinner at home instead will having outside together with others, then we're moving out.

Next location, we're going to
Edmund's house.
We enter
Edmund's house, but seems like none one home, actually his mom were inside the room until Edmund told her about our arrival. We greet to her & later recieve our 4th red packet. (Not included Edmund (xD))
We're not having games or WiFi leeching, but is to help
Edmund to clear the cookies while Andy leeching some videos from Edmund.

We stay 1 hour at
Edmund's house and before we're going, we're having 4nd group photos at Edmund's house.

Next location Queensbay Mall, Sake Sushi
Before we heading to Queensbay Mall, we need to fetch our final "VIP" Dennis who stay very far away from all of us. After we fetch him, we're heading to Queensbay Mall for our dinner, the Sake Sushi. (xD)

We ate quite alots, it cost around Rm80++ (excluded plate sushi) for all 5 of us and we have treat Andy this meal because he is our "Driver" for the entire day. (:3)

After we have our dinner, I head to the Toy r us & check the Gashapon (which I always call it as Ai Pon since I playing the Online game Ai Sp@ce).

Next location, we're going to our final destination, Dennis's house.
We enter Dennis's house & greet to his mom and later we have our 5th red packet (Not included Dennis (xD)).
We're having WiFi leeching for web browsing, Online game & chitchating. I was been inform by [The Figure Mall]'s boss that the items I wanna purchase he already help me ordered, just waiting for them to be shipped from Japan to KL, then from KL to Penang & ready the bills for him. (What I "loot" I will post them on the blog when they arrive my house, be expecting it will be come in a large box.)

We stay at Dennis's house until 1130pm and before we're going, we're having 5th group photos at Dennis's house, then we took our leave.

Andy 1st drop Darton, 2nd me & final Edmund. I was home around 1245am, almost get myself stuck outside the house for a night. (xD)
When I finish changing, head to shower & ready to play Ai Sp@ce again for earning some money in the game and I manage to earn 6000D+ in 3 hours, then I head to bed since Ai Sp@ce only available to earn money in the game only in certain amount of animals catching & goods delivery, then gonna wait for the next 24 hours only can continue.

Well that's the end of Chinese New Year visiting among my friends, signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Friday, January 23, 2009

kissA Koyotei Cafe TAKE 2

Once again we have return to kissA Koyotei Cafe after 23 days to fulfill what I have posted on the previous blog, that is "We planning to go again", but we miss 1 of our friend who join us together previously which made this a 50/50 success.

Today is a little bit different then the previous time we went to, 3 pretty waitress in the beautiful uniform welcome us when we enter the Cafe. We have our seat below the TV, yeah below the TV.

We order our delicious food, different then previous time too & this is what I ordered today.

This is what I ordered for today's lunch, sorry no photos for Andy & Edmund's lunch since they ate early then I did (Slowpoke for me)

After finish our lunch, me and Edmund paid to Andy to help us paid the bill at the counter, I take this opportunity again to ask permission from the waitress to take photos of them. (XD)

Yeah and here is the 3 pretty waitress with thier sweet smile in their beautiful uniform, thanks again Ms. Waitress. (x3)

Forget to mention, I heard the song of Megumi Nakajima - What About My Star which is from Macross Frontier before we leave. Well that's the end for us at the kissA Koyotei Cafe today, we dont now when we will going to kissA Koyotei Cafe again, but to me is pretty soon since I promise them to send up thier photos which I taken today after finish develop it.

Personal thinking

Perhaps I can be their regular customer one day. (XD)

Till here I stop. Signing off. *Nyaa*