Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Tonight I just created a Dorama (drama) with my own both hands & 10 fingers.
There is a well known guy proclaim himself as "Hentai Maou" from KL once attending a Penang cosplay event 2 months ago and recently he keep finding chance to come Penang Island.

Few weeks ago, I discover that he had bad reputation in KL cosplay circle which rise my alert of him until I found out his true motivation is to looking for "Victims" to fullfill his desire.

I still remember I accidentally stop him from coming over to bring 1 of my female friend to KL working because of Father's Day, until now I feel relief for that did not happen, somehow he took the chance of Bon Odori come over looking for his "pray", somehow seems like he failed to do so.

During MITF event day 1, this guy meet a lady who I meet her last 2 weeks. Right now he is targetting her as his "pray".
I did not know about this until I saw the picture of HIM in her room, I cannot let this happen although "Mind your own business" this sentences keep floating in my mind.

Back to topic, yes this dorama does not long as you expect, because I dont wanna say more else I get myself wrong more, I left this all the ladies who have been approached by him before to be the witness of what had he did.

Since I cant depends on Facebook photo album to upload high quality picture instead I upload them here.

Officially declare the flame war on him though MSN.

Everything been restricted to me.

He said did not block me, but he ALREADY restricted me from view his wall, reply comments and view his photo album, perhaps he afraid I'm take picture & post it here, why did he afraid of if he is innocent.

Replies on Facebook

This guy saying I'm barking too much,
since when I mention his name ?
Somehow he uncover himself.
(refer the last picture in msn section)

Alright ladies, if you have been approached by this guy, what he told & did just say it out here, let everyone know this SHAMELESS BEAST.