Wednesday, December 31, 2008

kissA Koyotei Cafe

Today I'm dragging Andy, Edmund & another friend to kissA Koyotei Cafe (Maid Cafe) which is located at No148,Grand Floor Jalan Hutton, Georgetown Penang,Malaysia.

Here is how the kissA Koyotei Cafe outside looks like, Orange Signature, easy to remember, just opposite the New World carpark.

What will you think about when you heard there is a Maid Cafe in Penang instead of Akihabara at Japan ? I'm guess most of the guys, yeah the guys who is interest on the Maid Uniform will rush themself to the Cafe.

Well kissA Koyotei Cafe has been open for 1 year, which I wanted to go when they opening last year, (How sad I did not make it) but now I finally has the chance to walk into the kissA Koyotei Cafe (wow, I was panic when I go in) to enjoy a limited time in the Cafe since they close at 3pm. (We arrived around 130pm )

Here we have our delicious meal at the Cafe.

4 people with 3 foods ? Nah actually me & my friend is having the same. (:P)

After finish our lunch, we head to the counter & paid the bill, I take the opportunity to ask permission from the waitress to take a photo with her. (XD)

Me & the pretty waitress in her uniform, thanks Ms.Waitress (forget to ask her name) [credits to Andy who help me take the photo]

Well that's the end for us at the kissA Koyotei Cafe, we're planning to go again when all of us have gather together when Chinese New Year.

The Cafe is nice & clean, food is delicious (:P) {yummy ) also the service is nice. (Although cant compare to the Maid Cafe Empire at Akihabara since here is not Japan
but is Malaysia (xD))

For those who read on this blog, I hope you can spent a little bit time on kissA Koyotei Cafe. Signing off. *Nyaa* (:3)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Gurney Shopping Complex Carpark Maze

Today have an outing togather with Andy,Edmund & several friends.

We went to Gurney Shopping Complex for a movie at GSC, somehow we have enter the Carpark Maze which is full with cars at the underground carpark. We been searching around for the empty space to park our car, but there is none empty space to park (even alots of car park in illegal way) until we took a few rounds at the carpark in the same floor & same place. (We saw a large area of empty space but it been blocked from enter)
Finally we found there is a car which is going out & we head in to the space, somehow we were enter a "Flood Zone". No other space to park, we took that space & get ourself to GSC get our ticket for the movie The Spirit.

After we finish the movie, we went to the carpark & prepare to go Steamboat. We get out from the parking space & head to the exit. We follow the exit sign but once again we get trap in the Carpark Maze again because of the illegal parking & we did not notice the exit been jam by cars, so we gonna take another round in the carpark again. (Total 4 rounds in the carpark)

Finally we get to the exit & head to Steamboat.

I still wondering, how come the Gurney Shopping Complex underground carpark can become a Maze, I dont think is because of Public Holiday or School Holiday, but I rather to park at the top carpark next time to avoid something like this to happen again.

Whoever went to Gurney today they will experince the same as us if they park thier car at the underground carpark. Signing off here. (:3) *Nyaa*

*None Pictures available*

Friday, December 26, 2008

My Chinese Birthday

Never thought about my Chinese Birthday is today after my dad wishing me.
He bought KFC to celebrate & it has be the 3rd day continues having KFC since
Christmas Eve
& Today
(Oh My God~~ I'm become more fatter (T_T))

After having my lunch togather with my family, I went out with my friends again to Prangin Mall I bought the new release of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni comics as well as the latest Trinity Blood comic. Also I bought several animation DVD which is Andy wanted to watch too. (He likes to leech me anyway. :P) Then we having a farewell party to a friend who is going to study at oversea. (He was late arrive because he have something to do) Well, we going for a movie Yes Man, yeah is Yes Man.

Finish watching movie, head for dinner & get home continue reading the Higurashi no Naku Koro ni manga & watch the new bought animation. xD

Signing off here, tomorrow going to have vagetarian to clear some fat I have. (:3) *Nyaa*

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Comic Fiesta 08

In the previous post I been mention that I'm on the trip to cosplay at Comic Fiesta 08.
I heading to Kuala Lumpur on Friday 19th afternoon 4pm as soon as my exam final paper is ended, depart from Penang Sungai Nibong bus station to Kuala Lumpur Railway station. (Arrived at 930pm)

Day 1 of Comic Fiesta
I was togather with [The Figure Mall] members entering the Sunway Pyramid Convention Hall for some preparation, then I head for changing my cosplay costume.

(My Sekirei Homura costume, specially thanks to e-jump & Exiled_Gundam help me take this photo)

Not much people know what am I cosplaying atleast some people know better then none one know about it. :P
I saw a cosplayer of Musubi, but too bad my Camera been borrow by a friend. *sigh*
Entire day walking around the Convention Hall, looking for what can I bought. Some photographer who interest to take photos with me approach me, thank god I thought I wont be catch those photographer attention.
(I always thought I'm the most Unfortunate person)

Well we have the special guest "Danny Choo" in [The Figure Mall] booth, his real identity were unknown to me since I'm not really sure who is him anyway.
Also the booth of [The Figure Mall] were full with people which come for photoshooting on the figures, nendroids & figmas, how famous it is. (:3)

Before end of the 1st Day Convention, my friend returned my Camera in one piece, lucky.

Day 2 of Comic Fiesta
Today will be alots of Cosplayers attending, I prepared myself again in my costume & walk all around again looking for cosplayers to take photos or been take photos by photographers. xD

Man I loves to take photos but too bad in this convention all I can take (plus the photos my friend took on Day 1) not more then 250 photos, how sad.

Waiting for the famous blogger e-jump arrive, walk togather looking for cosplayers to take thier photos.

Nothing much to do on Day 2, it was all same like Day 1 except I were quite tired walking around, also I get the Red Neko Hat of Azumanga Daioh before end of the convention.

At night I check on some blog about Comic Fiesta & I notice the "Danny Choo" just a Cosplayer, not the Real Danny Choo which he was still at Japan. *lol*

Conclusion for the Comic Fiesta
The event were very successful, it was more better then the convention I went before.
Also I feel very happy for the 1st time cosplay as Sekirei's Homura.

Here I need to takes to my parents which allows me to made the Cosplay Costume, my friends who support & helps me,
also need to specially thanks to [The Figure Mall] members too.

(Some of [The Figure Mall] members and me group photo, specially thanks to linkinstreet from Shrine)

Here is the links of Cosplayers & Display Figures of [The Figure Mall]

Well signing off here, wish all people Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. (:3) *Nyaa*

The Red Neko Hat Setup

After return from the Cosplay at Kuala Lumpur Sunway Pyramid's Comic Fiesta, I decided to bought a Red Neko Hat (Azumanga Daioh's Father Hat) which is symbolize this blog as well as myself.

(The Red Neko Hat of Azumanga Daioh)

Yesh I bought it & I discuss with my friends about setting up this Red Neko Hat blog.
When I going on Convention I'll wearing it, currently getting idea & designing my Red Neko Hat blog namecard.

Well this should be enough, signing off for now. (:3) *Nyaa*