Saturday, July 17, 2010

Bon Odori 2010

Ladies & gentlemen, did you miss the awesome Bon Odori because of raining yesterday ?

This year
Bon Odori is a little bit different then last year, less tables on the roadside & some tables on the left hand side of the field of Esplanade also as usual food stalls, water balls stall, gold fish stall, merchadise stall and the Bake House (Haunter House) been setup this year too.

As usual, my 2 main reason of attending
Bon Odori is for photoshooting. The attraction of the Japanese ladies wearing the beautiful Yukata / Kimono and the Fireworks, but this year I have a secondly reason as well which is hanging out with some new friends.

Early of the afternoon I off to
Esplanade after I had my lunch, reason for going such early is on a "Recon mission". Recon for what ? Of course is the Fireworks container. (xD)
This year I did not found any fireworks outside the wall of Fort Cornwallis, I was expecting it was outside the Fort, but I'm not sitting around, so I pay for a ticket to enter the Fort to recon around.

-Inside Fort Cornwallis-
I start looking around the Fort, it seems like some event just ended inside the Fort, it was a messy around, but I continue look for the Fireworks container.

Oh look what I found
(Fireworks container)

I had found the Fireworks container, mission completed, but is still early for Bon Odori to start, so I lurk around the Fort and found something which is NOT SUPPOSE to be inside the Fort.

-Return to the Esplanade field-
I look around some of the usual stall & take some pictures of it.
First the Bake House

Baka House presented by
St. Georges' Girl's School & Pink Hibiscus Club

As the banner show, is all Females as Ghost & Zombies, no wonder every year the Bake House full with customers to visit.

Next the Water Ball & Gold Fish stall.

Those people are working hard on preparing the Water Balls.

Next the merchandise stall.
as usual the most popular goods in the stall will be the status of ... the Geisha ... I presume. (^^;;)

I spending around 2 hours walking around until 4pm+ only begin "The Photo Hunting" mission.
I have meet up with some friends as well as fellow Comrade Yunamon too. (xD)
Those photos of Bon Odori can be found here.
Bon Odori 2010 Gallery

Enjoy everyone. (xD)
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)