Sunday, March 15, 2009

College Opening Day 2

Today I get to college a little bit late that I expected because I overslept.
Well let's us get back to the business, I head in to the college and saw alots of "Itasha" outside the stadium.

*What is Itasha?*
Itasha is a Japanese term for an otaku fad of individuals decorating the bodies of their cars with fictional characters of anime, manga or video games. The decorations usually involve paint schemes and stickers.

I head into the stadium & drop my stuffs, get my Camera equipments & head out again to take photos of those "Itasha".

The next will be having a short Drifting show, alots of people gather beside the stadium to see the Drifting show.

Now back into the stadium.
I'm return to the booth where the IT department having their game. The whole morning they dont even have a single challenger for today, so I act as their "Prosperity Cat".
Soon there is some challenger appear in front of the game booth, finally we have challenger here. (xD)

According from the record of the photo, the 1st challenger of Day 2 we have is on time 1:55pm
Oh well we have our winner after all.

Let's go to another side which is behind the IT booth, which is the Multimedia body painting booth.
The Multimedia body painting is the most famous for every year, if you're happen to come to the Opening Day, you MUST visit this booth. (:D)

The Red Neko appear at nowhere (xD)

Now let's go to something special again.
The girl from yesterday is a pretty meido cosplayer and today she is wearing the Japanese Yukata.

Red Neko with the Yukata lady. (x3)

*What is Yukata?*
Yukata is a Japanese summer garment. People wearing yukata are a common sight at fireworks displays, bon-odori festivals and other summer events. The yukata is a casual form of kimono that is also frequently worn after bathing at traditional Japanese inns. Though their use is not limited to after-bath wear, yukata literally means bath(ing) clothes.

Alright here is the link to my Multiply account for the photos of both days of Opening Day. (:3)

I'm apologize for the photos if is too dark, I'm not used to Indoor shooting & setting yet. (x-x)

Well I'm signing off here for the 2nd day of College Opening Day. (xD) *nyaa*

Saturday, March 14, 2009

College Opening Day 1

Guess what, today is our college once a year Opening Day. I have attend to the Opening Day for some "field report" since my friends interest how is the Opening Day going on.

Our IT & Multimedia group has setup several booth for game, body painting & selling some stuffs.

Now let's go to the game first.
The IT department has setup an interesting game, which is Reassemble the Desktop PC in 5 minutes and you win a small prize. Here is several photos of the challenger in the game.

So far as I know there is 2 or 3 people has win in this game.

Now let's go to the body painting.
The Multimedia department has setup a body painting booth which helps the customers to paint some artwork they like on the body, mostly was paint on the hands even on the neck or face.
Here is several photos of the body painting.

Oh even baby also like it. (xD)

Now let's go to something special.
There is a pretty meido cosplayer here, she is one of our Multimedia student.

Since there is a cosplayer, I head back home & get my Sekirei Homura's costume & come back to the college again.
People were asking what character am I cosplaying, well I were cosplaying Sekirei Homura. (:3)

*What is Sekirei?*
It takes too long to explain (:P)

*Who is Homura?*
The self-proclaimed 'Sekirei Guardian', used to protect 'unwinged' Sekirei. For a long time, he lived under the alias 'Kagari', a popular host club entertainer. Homura has the ability to control and manipulate fire; "homura" means "flame" literally.

Here is the only 2 cosplayer in the hall. (xD)
The rest of the time I just hang around or sit at the hall playing game with my lappy (laptop), but tomorrow gonna be more active to get more photos of the Opening Day.

Alright here is the link to my Multiply account for the photos of both days of Opening Day. (:3)

I'm apologize for the photos if is too dark, I'm not used to Indoor shooting & setting yet. (x-x)
Well I'm signing off here, gonna prepare for tomorrow. (xD) *nyaa*

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Wow it just 4 days away from the previous blog I posted and it was faster then I thought. The Queen's Blade Airi I was looking for 1 of my friend from Subang Jaya - ettan one of The Figure Mall member manage to get Airi for me before I'm going to Kuala Lumpur next monday. Here by I thanks again to ettan. (x3)

Here is several photos I shoot for Airi. (:P)

None NSFW photos of Airi Allow

How nice is Airi was in her Maid Uniform with the scythe. (xD) Oh yeah before I forget, she was able to castoff. (:P)
Glad I have her since she was release on year 2007 & it is rare to find her around since she were Out of Stock from Japan.
In those few days I will be taking more photos of Airi outdoor, signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The "loot" has arrived

Is been 3 weeks the shipment arrived to me (it was arrived on Valentine Day) & I'm busy with assignment dont have time to post it. Now I'm finally free to post the "loot" I have purchase.

Well here is the shipment I have bought.
The "loot" contain 2 Figures , 1 Figma , 2 3D Mouse Pad & 1 Solid Mouse Pad.

The most interesting stuff is the Solid Mouse Pad which is most of the otaku wish to have it.

Dont feel shy to have 1 of this Solid Mouse Pad. (X3)

Oh well, I have been place 2 orders which is 1 from Japan's
Hobby Link Japan (HLJ) and Singapore's Black Technology. What am I order I'm keep it as a secret first. (:P)

There is another Figure which is was release on year 2007 I'm wishing to get her which is
Queen's Blade Airi.

This is the
Airi I'm looking for although there is another version she was in yellow color hair.

I'm planning to go to
Kuala Lumpur to have a look around if I manage to spot her & get her home. If anyone else who wish to sell her please let me know I'm willing to get her.

Well signing off for the "loot". *nyaa* (:3)