Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Comrade Gathering (27/9)

Today we're having another gathering for Welcome Back & Farewell at Gurney.
Welcome Back to EDmund who return from Hong Kong
Farewell to Andy who going to Johor UTM continue study again.

We have invited a friend who stay nearby Gurney to join us together for a movie & dinner.
First we have a movie at GSC - Golden Screen Cinema for Perfect Getaway.

Perfect Getaway starting a little bit bored, but it started to get interesting at the middle, but at the end, we started to get confused about "who is the bad guy".

After movie, we having our dinner at Chili's Gril & Bar at G Hotel.
The food we having is quite large which can fill our stomach up. Before that we have a small snack.


Chicken Chop ?

Fish & Chip

Clean up the plate left Corn's stick

*burp ~~*
I'm full. x3

On my friend's side.
Andy enjoy his food

give up on his Corn.
*EDmund asked for removed*

Wai Leong show his Shaolin Kung Fu. (xD)

Andy said the food is nice
*thumb up*

EDmund "Nice Boat" the Corn
*EDmund asked for removed*

At last we finish up our food, "tapao" (bungkuskan) the Corn which EDmund give up, then we "Yam Seng".


After that, still got what to go ? Sure is going home liao lah, 120% full for this meal.
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

P/S: Andy will be leaving later at night, so see him again on November.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Return to Heng Ee High School

Today we decided to visit our secondly school - Heng Ee High School because we heard about the old canteen will be dismantle to build 8 -story building in the future, so we're going to snap some photos as memories before it get dismantle.

The old canteen beside the KH lab

The new canteen beside Science Lab

After visiting the old & new canteen, we look at the garden which is now completely become a "forest".
The flower garden which
have not been seen in 4 years

Finally we decided to visit Father Julien.

Father A. Julien Status

Too bad today we going on the wrong day due to school holidays for Hari Raya, so most of the activity is cancel, no teachers there except Principle & assistant Principle.

Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

kissA Koyotei Cafe TAKE 4

Today is the 4th time going to kissA Koyotei Cafe and its been around 4 months since I last went together with our Comrades Andy, EDmund & Darton.

Well today is a little bit different, because I did not going with the Comrades, but I'm going with
Exile_Gundam (E_G), member of The Figure Mall who specially from Kuala Lumpur travel north to his kampung celebrate Hari Raya as well as specially visit me from his kampung by taking ferry to Penang Island. (He is first time to this Cafe (:D))

I meet
E_G at Prangin Mall Starbug Coffee, have a small chat, let him leech my animes, then going to kissA Koyotei Cafe to have our lunch which I promise the TFM members who visit me will get treat a meal there. (:D) (but each member only treat once, else I will be gged (lol))

It seems like we're the 1st customers who enter the Cafe, quiet, no one there except 1 waitress welcome us. (Boss should be at the kitchen) *dont think nonesense*

We order our meal, then continue have a small chitchat. Soon customers started coming.

"He is GUNDAM" (xD)

E_G's meal

California Maki (is not makie (:P))
2 of them been eaten (xD)

My delicious meal. (xD)

Itadakimasu ~~, start our lunch.
While we're having lunch, there is a young lady seems like walk in for interview for job, which reminds me
kissA Koyotei Cafe is vacancy for Waitress, young ladies who is 18 years old above feel free to call in to make appointment & walk in interview. (:D)

kissa Koyotei Cafe
Vacancy Available!!
18 years old above
Please call 012-4092062

While I'm eating the final dish, the Radish, I joking with E_G that we're "actually eating Mugi-chan's (K-ON character) eyebrow. (lol)

Imaging the Radish is Mugi-chan's eyebrow

Something like this may happen. (lol)

Hora ~~ after finish our lunch, paid the bill, but too bad this time dont have the photo of the waitress. *sigh*

We're going to lepak around at Pulau Tikus.
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Comrade Gathering (18/9) & Incident

Today is the Comrade Gathering which we going outing with Andy who just come back from Johor pass 2 days. We going to Queens Bay mall to have dinner & watch movie.

Me, Andy, EDmund & Dennis 4 of us together today, having dinner at Azuma Japanese restaurant (which I always call them "Azumanga Daioh"), then going to watch Tsunami In Haeundae at GSC - Golden Screen Cinema.

Tsunami In Haeundae made me drop my tears, especially the touching part. (the lady who sit beside me seems to be crying too)

After finish watching the movie, we send Dennis home, then Andy decided to drop me home before drop EDmund. Something unexpected happen when Andy wanna drop me home, FLOOD AHEAD !!

The road to my house is flood, we head back to EDmund's house to shelter awhile waiting for the flood level dropping, 1/2 hour later we went back to the same place & is still flood, we take couple alternative route, still we encounter flood at the Penang State Mosque. Couple photos been taken since I have the camera with me, the photos is blur, so please dont blame me coz I did not bring tripod with me to capture nice photo. (lol)

Then we talk another alternative route & end up same, the road is flooded, so I told Andy that I will walk back home, he drop me at the 1st place we encounter the flood, then I walk back alone carefully by put my leg into the water to see if that place is a drain or not.

Finally I made it home safely, which cause my jean, stocks & shoes wet. You can see how deep is the flood by looking on my jean.

1/2 of the lower part jean is wet

Stocks & Shoes also become "kiam hu" (ikan masin)

From all the route we try, entire route to my house is flooded.

Red circle is the flood area
while the Green box is my house.

Meh ~~ get home around 2am, mom still not yet sleep since I call home 1 hour ago to inform my parent that we encounter flood.

Also have to apologize to Andy's mom for dragging Andy around. (^^;;)
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Queen's Gate Alice

Is been almost a month since Queen's Gate Alice / Lolice arrived my house.
Finally it is time for her opening ceremony.
*zeng zeng zeng zeng*

Open the bubble warp

Open the box

Open the PVC plastic

Carefully moving Lolice out

WTF Lolice missing her tail !?

*sigh* her tail broken from the beginning with

Meh ~~ Cast her off to epoxy her tail

Waiting for her tail to dry from epoxy

Finally is dry

Last shot for Lolice, her Nice Oshiri

Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

My precious DSLR

Is been 3 weeks I send my Nikon D40 to clean up the sensor, also spotted "mushroom" grow in the target radical scope and finally I bring it back today, wee ~~.

Although the sensor is clean up, but the target radical scope still remain some "mushroom", but it wont effect the photos outcome. *pif*

Blog post been delay because no Camera with me, especially 1 month ago which I suppost to blog about my new arrived Queens Gate Alice (also known as Loli Alice / Lolice). Finally I can blog about her Opening Ceremony which she still inside her box warp with bubble warp.

Also my Armory been added more guns into the inventory, should get more form up a riot team. (xD)

Will be start update the blog in coming few days.
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)