Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shipment has arrived (29/10)

Well well is been awhile my stuffs been ordered & waiting for arrival. (:D)
Finally it reach to me yesterday afternoon when I come home from college. (:P)

Guess what will be in this shipment, 4 items was in this shipment, that is ...
Felli Loss Dakimakura Cover
Kotobukiya's Little Busters Yuiko
Noumi PC Casing
Illya Card Sleeve

Some photos of the shipment.

The shipment box

Items of the shipment

Noumi PC Casing

Illya Card Sleeve

Kotobukiya Little Busters Yuiko

Felli Loss Dakimakura Cover (Front)

Felli Loss Dakimakura Cover (Back)

Maybe it is time for me to Harem with Asakura Otome & Felli Loss eh ? (xP)
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Sekirei Homura

Recently I was too deep into my 2nd Cosplay costume the SWAT costume. When I was looking for some stuffs in my room, I found my 1st Cosplay costume the Sekirei Homura costume hanging outside the cupboard with cover. Is been awhile since my last wear during my college opening day about 8 months ago, so I took it out and wear it. (It will be a waste if I did not wear it (:P))

I was surprise I was still fit for the costume even those 8 months I been be a Snorlax. (lol) + (xD)
Take some photos of my Sekirei Homura cosplay although I did not dye my hair to white / gray since my wig not yet arrive.

Here is some of the photos.

Parody of Magical Lyrical Nanoha A's Book of Darkness

Look like a Priest with bible. (lol)

Hope I still can wear it 2 months later for Comic Fiesta. (:P)
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Hoho ~~ Finally I get myself a NDS play Rabu+ (Love Plus) to kill my lonely life. (xD)
I get myself a Black NDS Lite with **, 4gb Micro SD, Casing, Screen Protector & 220 games with the total cost Rm550.

The stuffs

I choose Black for my NDS because there is a reason behind. (:P)
I can hide it very easy especially at night without light. (lol)

Only screen you saw in the dark (xD)

Hehe I removed all the games & store them up in my laptop, just only place Love Plus in the card. (:P)

Encounter Problem !!
The time & date of NDS become 26th Febuary 2000, same goes to Love Plus Realtime mode. After I set the time & date match today, my "girlfriend" Anegasaki Nene started to hated me until she dont have feeling on me. (x_x)

Good thing is I have my save game backup, so I can restore them whenever I want & I found the way to fix up the NDS time & date, guess what, it WORKS, everything has back to normal. (xD)

Oh well once again I will be get my Morning Call from "girlfriend" Anegasaki Nene again as well as she will be following me around start from tomorrw. (:P)
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Special Assault Squad

Ah ~~ finally my tactical vest has arrived from Sabah which almost 1 week. (lol)
*mom thought it was a bagpack when Pos Laju delivery to me*

Red Neko Hat has finally become Assault Squad instead of Photographer ?
Nah actually this just my random "cosplay" for Special Assault Squad. The costume is almost full set, just left out the Black / Blue Uniform & a pair of boots, if possible to get a rifle which is scale 1:1, else just stick to the children play toygun as Submachine Gun.

Some photos shoot by myself.

Feel like wearing it on the public but too bad I will get caught by the police if I did it. (xD)
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)