Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Exabytes Movie Day Updated

Woot~~ exabytes finally update their blog for the Movie Day of Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen. I have been waiting for couple days for their blog to update and I found it. (xD)

To my fellow comrades Andy & Edmund if you guys haven't read exabytes blog yet, click on the link below. (xD)

Exabytes Movie Day - Thank you to all of you

Forget to mention, I found me & my Master's photo in the gallery. (xD)
*Thanks to the photographer*

Alalalalala I guess I have nothing else to blog about, I guess I'm signing off here. *nyaa* (:3)

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exabytes Movie Day

Today me and my computer technical Master attend for exabytes invitation of the movie of Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen at Gurney GSC - Golden Screen Cinema.

We try our best to reach Gurney as early as we can since the ticket redemption counter open on 10am until 1110am, somehow we reach there at 1030am. We redeem our ticket (which is K05 & K06 seat) and a bag of free gifts then wait for the time to come.

A good news to me which is Andy have been invited too and he is coming with Edmund. They arrived later then me & Andy discuss yesterday but lucky they get the ticket L05 & L06 seat which is in front of us, but too bad we been separated by the walkway at the middle. (xD)

It seems like Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen is very hot, the ticket been sold out early of the morning and only remaining the time available for evening.
This is same goes for exabytes too, alots of people attending for their invitation of the movie.

Redeem the tickets at the counter

Around 11am the cinema is open for seat, soft drink & popcorn already place on each seats in the cinema. The photographer from exabytes taking photographs in the cinema before the movie start and me & my Master is honor to take photo by him. (xD)

We wait, and wait, and wait, 1130am, 1140am pass the movie not yet start until 1144am finally the movie start screening. At that time I look around the cinema, is FULL, whole cinema is FULL. (O.O) So here we start our Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen.

In Transformers - Revenge of the Fallen, there is a parody of Eden of the East without pants on just like Sam & others looking for Jetfire, Leo come out from the toilet without wearing his jeans up. (lol)

After Optimus Prime defeated Fallen & Megatron, Starscream cowardly said: "Sometime coward survive" which made everyone laugh. (xD)
The ending seems like a little bit rushing, might be Transformers 3 in the future since Megatron is heavily wounded but not destroyed.

So here is the end for the Exabytes Movie Day, signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Transformers Toys Display

After finish Sakae Sushi buffet, time for some exercise to digest the food we eat. (xD)

QueensBay Mall having Transformers Toys Display just as I mention on the previous blog. This display is held by the
Malaysia Transformer Community - Transmy and it will be on 26th until 28th June which is 3 days (Tomorrow will be the final day).

There is over 1000 Transformers display on site included some of the Limited version. The purpose of Transmy to held this display is because they want to share with us the different types of the Transformers from 80 century until now.

I have interview 1 of the Transmy crew member - Mr. Hakim about why there is other mecha then Transformers been display here.

According to Mr. Hakim, there is some others mecha create by the same person who create Transformers, so Transmy decided to display some of them as a honor to that person.

The other mecha is ...

Macross Frontier

Star Wars Crossovers

Might be more yet I havent discovered.

I asked Mr. Hakim is he going to attend the upcomming Macross Compendium event on Daicon since he is a mecha collector. He said he might be going to the event, if it happen to be saw him around, remember to have a shout on him. (:P)

I'm pretty much looking forward for his VF series of Macross if he is attending. (:D)

Well the rest of the photos will be located on my Multiply site, you can visit them here.
My appologize for the crappy photos since I just happen to passby with my kitlens without telelens with me.

Signing off here. *nyaa* (:3)

Sakae Sushi Buffet with Comrades

Yesterday we comrades having a buffet gathering at Queensbay Mall Sakae Sushi.

This plan been setup couple days ago and the plan goes very well for us. My class suppose to end on 3pm but I manage to get 1 hour early to "retreat" (dismiss) from the class when I have my stuff finish doing in the class.

Andy arrived, pick me up, then head over to Edmund's place to pick him up next, then we proceed to pick up another long time no see Dennis.

We arrived at
Queensbay Mall around 4pm+. When we on the way walk up to Sakae Sushi, I spotted large scale of Transformers Toys display and yes I finally remember I read about it on the newspaper 2 days ago that there will be 3 days (26th - 28th) of displaying at Queensbay Mall. I decided to come back to photoshooting whatever I can after we our buffet.

We have arrived and ready to deploy at
Sakae Sushi, we order as much as we can for the 1st wave, then 2nd wave and continue 3rd, 4th 5th ......

Guess what, we have the most plate of
Fried Hotate at Sakae which is 20 plates of them.

15 plates on the menu while another 5 plate still in the kitchen
*The menu is not completed update yet*

2 plates 4
Fried Hotate is ready

Edmund has invented a new Sushi on the menu, which is the "Nice Boat Sushi". (xD)

"Nice Boat Sushi"

Finally the last order time, we have our last order, finish them quick and stack those plate into "Malaysia Triple Tower".

"Malaysia Triple Tower"

Finish our lunch + dinner, head to the counter paid the bill and next going to Transformers photoshooting, signing off here temporary. *nyaa* (:3)

*To Be Continue on Transformers Toys Display*

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Shipment Orders

Once again I have placed orders from HLJ - HobbyLink Japan with the help of The Figure Mall's member - makie.

What have I order this time ? Well it was 2 figures & 1 cup.

1/7 plug Insulator Suit Version PVC from Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan

1/10 Treature Figure Collection Haruka Amami PVC from Idol M@ster Xenoglosia

Doroji Big Mug Cup from Little Busters

Doroji Big Mug Cup already been shipped, now just waiting for the 2 figures ship from HLJ, also waiting for the confirming bills from makie so I can clear them off as soon as possible.

Signing off for now. *nyaa* (:3)

AMD Technology Updated

Today afternoon I attend to a Technology Update of AMD at OB Irish Pub, Bukit Jambul Country Club together with my Master.

I could not imagine that this is the 1st time I attend to a Technology Update event in a Pub but not a ballroom.

The Technology Updates is about AMD's Product Roadmap & New Product Updates. Also they cover up their Processor Chipset & Display Card compare with their Competitive, the "Blue Guy" (Intel) and Nvidia (they dont call Nvidia as "Green Guy" coz AMD also is Green).

Before I forget, there is something for the lulz from the speaker.
"Do not wear the T-Shirt to their competitive presentation else you might get kick out"

My personal though
Spy Spy Spy (l0l)

Alots of technical parts it covers up which I dont understand about, same like the Intel Retail Sales Person Training.

In the Q&A section, 3 questions were asked & the prizes was 2 sets of Antivirus Software & 1 set of Half Life 2 Orange Box. No luck for me since I dont know alots about AMD. (T_T)

The speaker buy all of us the beer at the pub, as well as a small buffet after the end of the presentation.

We have a couple free gift for attending the presentation, the T-Shirt from AMD and a Keychain of CyberFusion which is on 10th - 12nd April 2009.

The T-Shirt & the Keychain

The presentation end around 530pm+, then we proceed for some buffet before going home.
Signing off here. *nyaa* (:3)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Comrades Activity

After finish resting for a few hours, Andy come back to fetch us to Gurney GSC - Golden Screen Cinema to watch movies. Surprising that 1 of our old schoolmate is tag along with us too.

We get the tickets for 7pm Blood: The Last Vampire & 9:40pm State of Play. Too bad our old schoolmate make it for Blood: The Last Vampire but cant make it for State of Play.

The 1st movie we going to watch will be reaching the time very soon, so we wait at for the time & heading into the cinema to watch.

Blood: The Last Vampire - The movie just like a normal comedy, alots of parody which is like Red Alert 3 Uprising mission about Yuriko (Saya) fight against Izumi (Onigen), Ninjas appear from underground same as Red Alert 3's Empire of Rising Sun's Tank Busters & Star Wars Luke Skywalker
(Saya) meet Dark Vadar (Onigen). When I watch until the end, I was thought "Oh My God, Nice Boat going to happen". (lol)

Finish watching Blood: The Last Vampire, we heading out for dinner at Gurney Drive, too bad there is crowded with people & we decided to go for Pizza Hut, unfortunatly they lack of workers & we're late for our next movie State of Play around 10 minutes after dinner.

State of Play - The movie about what you think / found the truth is not the truth but there is another truth behind the truth. (Sentence adapted from Tim Marco - Fullmetal Alchemist)

The movie ends on 12am sharp, when Andy send me home already around 1220am, lucky I still able to get into the house without been locked outside & have to overnight at the house garden.
*If you read this blog mean I have get back to my room of course*

Oh well I'm freaking tired now, let's call it a day here, signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Photoshooting in Botanical Garden

Today ... I mean yesterday Me, Andy & Edmund having a Comrades Activity from afternoon until midnight.

On the afternoon, the activity was planned by me which is "tag" them along for a photoshooting of my figures at the Botanical Garden. Thanks to Andy & Edmund for guarding my stuffs, the precious photoshooting equipments & the figures which is cost me over Rm3.5k.

Here is some photos of the figures photoshooting.

Noumi Kudryavka from Toys Works

Noumi Kudryavka playing water in the river

Andy wanna feel the coolness of the water in the river, he going down to enjoy as well.


Next I bring them to a secret spot inside the Botanical Garden which I use to photoshooting last time which is deep inside. Along the place, alots of fruits skin / shell around the ground as I told Andy & Edmund to caution about it might fall down from the sky and after I finish tell them, there is a fruit skin fall from the sky which almost hit on my head. *lolwut*

After that, they stop for a rest while I continue photoshooting.

Noumi Kudryavka & Kamikita Komari from Kotobukiya

Kamikita Komari

Noumi Kudryavka

Noumi Kudryavka & Kamikita Komari

Time is limited since we're going for movies next, so after finish taking this photographs I pack up & Andy bring us home for around 2 hours resting & coming back to get us again.

Here I stop for photoshooting, signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Shipment Has Arrived

Is been 10 days after the post of -The Loots & For The Lulz and finally the shipment has arrived today afternoon 1:33pm. (xD)

As I mention, the shipment contain Dengeki G's Festival magazine + Asakura Otome's Dakimakura Cover & Koharu Biyori's Yui & they arrived safely deliver by Skynet.
[Not the Terminator's Skynet. (:P)]

The shipment's contain is inside the Double A paper box just as the picture below.

Immediately move the shipment box to the room & prepare to open them.
Let's see what's inside the box. :P (Although you already know (xD))

Well yeah those are the Dengeki G's Festival magazine + Asakura Otome Dakimakura cover & Koharu Biyori's Yui.

I try to stuff pillows into the Dakimakura cover & see how it looks like but unfortunate it required 2 & a 1/2 pillows only can fill it up. Here is how she looks like with the pillows.

I have placed order of the Dakimakura body (pillow) and I will be going to collect it next month after the end of Daicon event.

Let's move on to the Overrate Figure (Patung Terlampau) - Yui.
Time for the opening ceremony of Yui.
*Zeng Zeng Zeng Zeng*

Open the box

Open the plastic cover

Finally Yui come out from the box. (xD)

Yui can be castoff & warp her up with ribbon.

OMG OMG Patung Terlampau. (xD)

There is several merchandises I have placed reservation order, which is 2 tea cup & 1 Dakimakura cover.
They are ...

Asakura Otome tea cup (From Da Capo II)

Shirakawa Nanaka tea cup (From Da Capo II)

Felli Loss Dakimakura cover (From Chrome Shelled Regios)

Expecting they will be arrive in early or middle of August.

Alright that's all for the loots, signing off here. *nyaa* (:3)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Invitation to Retail Sales Person Training & For The Lulz

Intel Training
Today me and my Computer Technical ... my Master went to the Intel Training at Cititel Hotel, Georgetown, Penang.

It was a little bit less people then I thought comparing to the previous Intel launching Centrino 2 processor.

Today we learn about ...
Intel Core i7 Processor Technology
Intel Centrino2 Processor Technology
Intel Atom Processor Technology
Intel Desktop Board

Most of the training is covering Technical parts which I'm not familiar with them.
*oh ~~ headache to remember their product codes*

We have a small quiz in the Training too but somehow I manage to get 20 out of 14 correct. (xD)

When the Training ends, we submit their evaluation form & we have a small gift from Intel which is a Car ... or should I said a Mouse in the Car shape. (xD)
Here is some photos of the Mouse.

The Intel Training ends here, now proceed to another For The Lulz.

For The Lulz
We have the information about The Figure Mall is going for Figure Display on the Daicon event. We also know about our Display booth is locate in a "Danger Zone"

Guess what is the "Man in box" & "Biohazard", that is the "Danger Zone" I mean is the Toilet.


Information from: Taugeh (Boss) of The Figure Mall - LilKeV84
Image spam by: Haruji

End For The Lulz. (l0l)

Here I stop for the 1st blog of June, signing off. *nyaa* (:3)