Friday, May 29, 2009

Gathering & Farewell

Yet today is another Comrade gathering but today we're less 2 Comrades since they're busy and only me, Andy & Darton 3 of us out for gathering.

We went to E-Gate's Tao for lunch and marathon 2 movies - Monsters VS Aliens & Terminator Salvation at Queens Blade ... I mean Queensbay Mall's Golden Screen Cinema.

At Tao we're having alots of meats meats meats, I dont believe we wont gaining weight for those meats meats meats except ... our "bamboo" Comrade Darton. LOL
Ouch that's really made us full enough for entire afternoon, too bad EDmund & Dennis did not make it come together with us.

Finish lunch, we're going to Queensbay Mall, get our reservation tickets for Monsters VS Aliens & purchase tickets for Terminator Salvation.
Here is our tickets for Monsters VS Aliens & Terminator Salvation.

After getting our tickets, we lurk around the Popular & Borders bookstore until time to watch Monsters VS Aliens.

Monsters VS Alien ... the movie quite nice especially on the 3D animation also it had some scene which is similar to Star Wars which is the Cloning scene looks like Star Wars II - Attack of the Clone.

Finish watching Monsters VS Alien, we're back to Borders bookstore lurking again.
Books books books everywhere full with books & I take the chance to read some of the books related to WWII - World War 2.

30 minutes left until the next movie, we're having McD ... again which is continues having THEM for the 3rd times in 3 days.

Finish having dinner, we're rushing to the cinema & lucky we're barely made it in time to watch Terminator Salvation.
Terminator Salvation very nice, should watch it if you're not yet watch. Human VS Machines which is very low chance can winning but how they're going to survive. I get a nice phase from the movie which is - Human Deserve 2nd Chance.

Alalalalalalalalalalala should not spoil too much, so for those who not yet watch, go to the cinema & watch. (:P)

Finish watching Terminator Salvation we head down the the basement where the hypermarket was & buy some Sushi for supper or maybe breakfast or lunch. After that we're rushing back since Darton will be going to KL again tomorrow and it will take couple months to meet again, so today's gathering will be the farewell gathering to Darton too.

Comrade Darton if you're reading this :
" Goodbye & farewell, see you again in couple months later"

Well here is for the today's gathering since we're been out from morning until night and now very tired. I'm signing off here. *nyaa* (:3)

Monday, May 25, 2009

The Loots & For The Lulz

The Loots
Yesterday ... I got the news from LilKeV84 regarding my Dengeki G's Festival has arrived along with the free gift - Da Capo II Asakura Otome's Dakimakura cover.
Here is how the June's Dengeki G's Festival looks like.

For today ... I get another news from Haruji regarding my Koharu Biyori's Yui has arrived safely.
Here is how the Koharu Biyori's Yui looks like.

For The Lulz
A funny stuffs which happens when my friend - Haruji checking the shipment from HS - Hobby Search & LJ - Hobby Link Japan.

1st thing he discover was ... another friend of mine - Kiddokid's Clannad Fuko's cushion cover.
1 cushion cover with alots of papers stuffed in the HS shipment box.

2nd thing he discover was ... my Koharu Biyori's Yui.
He directly see the boobs (censored with Hearts) when he open the HLJ shipment box which is my Yui's box backcover face the top.

Surprise that the Custom did not check the shipment else Yui will going to "Karam" (Sink = Confescated).

Original For The Lulz from:
Haruji + credit to him

Currently waiting for Dengeki G's Festival & Yui to ship from Subang Jaya to Penang. :P
Signing off. *nyaa* (:3)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

kissA Koyotei Cafe TAKE 3

Once again we going to our favorite restaurant - kissA Koyotei, but this time we're going on night.

I'm miss the atmosphere, delicious foods as well as the service since our comrade gathering on 23 Febuary before Chinese New Year.

This time we went to kissA Koyotei to have our dinner, on other hand I need to do my research & reference on my college assignment. Thanks to the boss of kissA Koyotei grand me the permission allow me to made research & reference of the restaurant.

Time to ordering our dinner.

Tako Fried Rice, Makis, Honey Lemon juice & some meat which I dont know what it call. (^v^!)

We ... the comrades having a nice dinner there, spending some times in such a nice atmosphere restaurant having our meal.

Lastly we paid the bill & as usual I will request the waitress to take photos. (xD)

Yeah ~~ here is the 2 pretty waitress with their sweet smile in their beautiful uniform, thanks Ms. Waitress. (x3)

*addition infomation*
I asked 1 of the waitress about thier uniform, 3 sets of uniform they have, the Pink, Red & Black.
So far I saw the Pink & Red, the Black uniform only available on special event which I never saw it before.

We're finish our dinner and it is time for us to go GSC Gurney, looking forward for the next visit to kissA Kototei.
Signing off here. *nyaa* (:3)

The Comrades Gathering

Spamming ~~

Once again our Comrades Andy & Darton has return from their colleges from other state. Me, Edmund, Andy & Darton 4 of us decided to have our Comrade Gathering.

We're going to our favorite resturant kissA Koyotei and watching Angels & Demons
at GSC Gurney.
For kissA Koyotei ... I cover on the next post, let's us go to the movie -
Angels & Demons.

We're arrive at Gurney around ... 750pm, the underground carpark full of empty spaces, does not seems to be alots of people there on weekdays. We went to the Cinema bought our 9pm tickets & head back down to Secret Recipe having some cheese cake to kill the time until 9pm.

When the time arrive, we're return to the Cinema again & get our seat, ready for the movie.
The movie -
Angels & Demons seems to be alots of people watching, the cinema is full with people except the 2 rows in the front is empty.

Angels & Demons take part in Rome & it full with mysteries, I'm not going to spoil the story so you gonna watch it by yourself. (:3)

The movie end on 11pm+ & I'm manage to get home before 12am, lucky. (xD)
Well I'm signing off here. *nyaa* (:3)